Personal Sommelier wine tasting Florence | Tuscany

Your wine moments

Whether you are curious wine lover exploring Florence or you are attentively planning an event, you'll need a personal sommelier to take care of your wine moments.

Wine it's not just wine
It is not easy to pick the right bottle for your guests or even for your own palate so Anzowine is here to guide you, with a professional sommelier, through the wine world and to discover the most you can about favorite Gods' drink: how it is made, the best food and wine pairings, the Italian wine quality regulation, the huge variety of local grapes and many other wine topics. Always remember that a good glass of wine can really create incredible atmosphere and unforgettable memories. Do not miss the chance to experience authentic wine moments! Discover what Anzowine can offer you.

Alessandra Anzovino

I am a 32 years old Italian woman in love with wine and food so in 2017 I founded "Anzowine" with the aim of helping people to understand wine while having some fun. I consider wine an alternative means to discover Italian culture and to make new friends; for this reason I always try to create a genuine al welcoming atmosphere that makes people feel as if they were at an informal and relaxing evening among friends.

Anzowine is the pleasure of one of the most simple daily activities: drinking a good glass of wine.