Wine Sommelier in Tuscany Alessandra Anzovino

Wine sommelier


“Anyone who tries to make you believe that he knows all about wines is obviously a fake.”
Leon Adams, The Commonsense Book of Wine

Alessandra & Anzowine

My wine experience

Wine sommelier based in Tuscany since 2016; I am Alessandra and I moved to Firenze (Florence) to follow my two loves: my partner and the wine, I started working as a wine sommelier in the wine industry right away indeed.
I got my sommelier diploma to be officially a wine sommelier, in 2015 with the Italian Sommelier Association.
My first wine job experience as a wine sommelier, was the organization of public wine tastings at the Logonovo Hotel, in collaboration with Italian wine producers. Afterwards, I worked as a wine sommelier, tour guide and wine shop manager in one of the most ancient and brilliant winery of Tuscany.
This last working experience gave me the chance to see with my own eyes the vine growth, the wine making process and the slow aging in a beautiful and silent cellar.

Anzowine: my own project.

Last year I decided to work as a private sommelier freelance and founded "Anzowine". The aim of my project is to introduce the most authentic Italian wines and places to all the wine lovers out there! Wine is not just something popular nor trendy. Wine is the pleasure to share meals, smiles, stories, it is about being together. Knowing people in order to help them to get the best from the Italian wine panorama, that's what Anzowine does.
My project is also open to the Florentine business partners: restaurants, wine shops, event planners, hotels... We can work together to create unique experiences for those who wants to discover the soul of Tuscany.